Iakwe Aolep! Shalom!

I became a Bat Mitzvah on April 5, 2014!

Photo by Edis Jurcys

Photo by Edis Jurcys

Maybe someday I will have time to add to this site!


Check out what I have been up to with my Bat Mitzvah.

Pioneer Square, March 8, 2014, I spoke about to the crowd about getting our then-governor to block coal from using our state to be exported.

(Photo by: Alex Milan Tracy)

(Photo by: Alex Milan Tracy)


Thanks, Columbia Riverkeeper for the great photo!


Full speeches by Miko and Isaac Vergun, the same day, one week after becoming Climate Justice Ambassadors through Plant for the Planet:


Here we are at the protest against coal exports—in southeast Oregon and Pioneer Square at the same time!

Here we are at the protest against coal exports—in southeast Oregon and Pioneer Square at the same time!



How did I end up speaking before a ton of people at Pioneer Square for an anti-coal rally? We heard about it from a bunch of environmental organizations, but only one week before I got a chance to participate in training for environmental activists like me, Plant for the Planet, and that probably helped me to agree to do it. Here’s more about this training, which is sponsored by the United Nations Environmental Programme:

Thanks, Michael Foster, for posting this segment! Here’s how we found out about his work—check out: Climate Change for Families!


Then, there is my Bat Mitzvah Project – for more on that, see my posts, including the one where my project was featured in Oregon Jewish Life.

Now, as for the prize for donating to my Bat Mitzvah Project, we finally got a chance to randomly select the winner from among everyone who participated in my fundraiser for the Marshall Islands (by donating to the Portland-area-based registered non-profit, Living Islands, or the Nature Conservancy). For more about that project, please see my post.

Thank you everyone who participated!! And, we’d like to offer a special thanks to Giff Johnson, our hero who arranged to buy us this beautiful Marshallese basket and mailed it to us wrapped in his newspaper, The Marshall Islands JournalCheck out this issue from the MIJ, by the way 🙂

Marshallese Basket from Giff

Marshallese Basket from Giff

We are thinking about announcing the winners at my brother’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah, since we’ve heard that they will be there. 🙂 It’s so beautiful I know they will love it, and that way everyone who comes will get to see it!


So, more later but here is one of my other Mitzvah moments:

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Also – when you get done reading my website, check out my brother’s: https://yitzchakadin.wordpress.com.


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  1. Miko, May your ceaseless work to improve the life of this planet and all who dwell within it meet with great success and many new friendships along the way. You are an inspiration! Love, Julia

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